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I asked Darren to pull a disgusted face while I leaned in as if I was going to kiss him. This was the result.

Afterwards, he said very concerned and serious, “It’s just pretend though. I wouldn’t really do that!”

What a cutie.

Happy 25th birthday, Daniel Jacob Radcliffe.  (July 23, 1989)

Chris Colfer, Sam Daly and Wendie Malick on Hot in Cleveland [HQ]

Fic: The Sky Could Be Blue (NC-17)



Artist: magicalplaylist

Author: judearaya

Rating (art/fic if different): G/NC-17

Word Count: 17,000

Warnings: social discrimination, segregated society, references to mild depression, mentions of poverty

Fic Summary: Relationships with the Winged are as close to illegal as can be, but when Kurt Hummel hires Blaine Anderson to walk in his runway show, neither can deny their instant chemistry. Soon what started as furtive motel trysts becomes more complicated as their feelings deepen, threatening Kurt’s rising career. In an effort to hold on to what they have, Kurt offers Blaine an interlude: a trip somewhere in the world where they can be together without fear, even if only for a few weeks.

Notes: I am so indebted to the incredibly talented Magicalplaylist for this art. If you had bet me a million dollars a year ago (well maybe a thousand), I would have claimed I’d never write a wingfic! It’s amazing what stunning art can move you to do! As it turned out, we both seem to have a love for Coldplay; this art, which was inspired by Death and All His Friends, which in turn inspired a lot of this fic. And, titled it (listen to the whole album, but if you’re curious about the title, it’s from Strawberry Swing).

This fic had the support of some wonderful people: my lovely beta, gingerandfair, who gets top praise for putting up with me, as well as wordplaying for helping me navigate London, knittywriter for helping me figure out Paris, and lurkdusoleil for last second hand holding and for schooling me on m dashes.

Link to Art: to come!

Link to Fic: on AO3 OR under the cut! 

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Naya Rivera Marries Ryan Dorsey


klainehiatuschallenge day 33 - favorite moment of affection

I just wish he could hear me. So I could tell him I was here.

What always gets to me watching this is the amount of *need* radiating off of Blaine here. He’s cuddling up to Kurt not just to offer comfort and protection like the song he’s singing promises. He’s seeking comfort too, he just wants to be close to him. That’s his Kurt on that bed, his brave, beautiful Kurt, and Blaine needs him and loves him and cuddling up to him like that is such a sweet, helpless, and natural gesture in that moment. Ugh BOYS. <3

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